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The secure and confident environment provided by the Barter Market reduces the time allocated to inquiry activity at the time of purchase and ensures that the needs are covered quickly without losing time.

Barter System is a Common Market that Member Firms Come Together

Companies meet their needs by purchasing the products of the members of the Barter Market; sell their products to the Barter Market. However, to be able to work in this system membership is a prerequisite.

A Contemporary Trading System

The Barter System is based on a huge market where organizations change products and services. Companies give their products and services to the market and receive the products and services they need in return. If the member firm cannot meet its needs from the system, the Barter Market grows by adding the related companies, who can submit and supply their products to the system.

It is a Dynamic Market with Mobility that is Not Affected by the Problems of Economy

Members buy and sell with the US dollar, which is the currency of the Barter Market. Barter Market is not affected by inflation, short-term demand shortage, liquidity shortage in the market. Since the money is not used in the system and the payments are made with the products and services, the members do not need to keep their needs waiting. Thus, even in times of crisis, Barter member companies can continue their activities. Member Firms may make new investments and gain growth by evaluating the cash surplus resulting from the ability to make purchases without disturbing the cash balance.

Reaching New Markets and Winning Customers

Companies entering the Barter Market have the chance to expand their existing market shares with customers from the Barter Market. Without any effort and cost for marketing effort, they satisfy the demand of the firms in the market; They sell easily to customers they do not know at all.

Increases Sales and Profit

In Barter Market, only the members can make transactions and only the companies that they need are added and placed on the market, allowing the members to sell safely and continuously.

The member firms increase their turnover by the Barter System. Companies do not incur additional costs for the sales made with the Barter System as they have already made fixed operating costs for their normal commercial activities.

Companies pay their debts to the Barter System with their own products or services. They earn more than the profit margin of the products or services.

Provides Capacity and Inventory Assessment

The companies working with the Barter System decide on which products to sell to the system, and they also have the flexibility to change the supply information. Members present their products and idle capacities in the system. In this way, they reduce the unit cost of fixed expenses and they are saved from stocking costs.

Provides Collection Guarantee

Avrasya Barter is the guarantor of any member who sells their products or services to any of the member in the Barter Market. Even if the company stops its operations or goes bankrupt, the company purchases the products offered by the other member companies for clearing he receivables. A sales permit is granted in the system prior to each purchase. By controlling the balance of the buyer company, an authorization code (provision) is issued to the seller and as the system is operated under barter pool understanding, even if the buyer falls into a difficult situation, thus preventing damage to the creditor.

Provides Fast Collection

The member who sells with Barter starts to collect the receivable at any time by purchasing the products or services offered to the market without waiting for the company that purchases the product to collect the receivable.

Provides Use of Interest-free Product and Service Credits

If the members wish, they can use goods and service credit valid for 12 months maturity against guarantee  with 0% interest rate. Thus, the company that meets its needs with the Barter System owes the USD to the Barter System as much as the price of the product it purchases. The system gives the buyer 12 months to pay his debt. In the 12-month period, the debtor companies are informed of the demands for the goods and services they produce and if the sales are realized, the company pays the debt with the product. If the debtor does not pay the product in any way during the 12 months period, the debtor pays in cash at the end of 12 months. Thus, 12-month zero-dollar dollar loan is used. Using the Barter System for their needs, the company saves cash and pulls down the working capital needs.

Provides Free and Effective Ad / Promotion

Detailed information about the products of the member companies is recorded systematically in Avrasya Barter Information Bank. This information is made available to all companies in the system with the Barter Program running on the Internet. In addition, our Trade Broker Specialists promote and advertise these members with the companies they met and visited for negotiating their sales alternatives, thereby reducing their marketing expenses and contributing to their brand formation.

Provides Safe, Easy Export

Companies in the Barter Market, together with other Barter Companies that have signed an agreement to implement the Barter System in international markets, face the supply and demand of tens of thousands of Barter traders all over the world.

Competitive Advantage

Vendor Company offers products and services without demanding money and obtains an extremely important advantage among companies selling the same goods or services.

Free Market Economy Terms in the Market

The price, quality, qualifications, delivery date, warranty, after-sales service of the product are decided between the buyer and the seller. Members shall trade with their own free will. Members compete on fair terms. The Barter Market provides free movement of goods and services. Achieving better competition in the market, alternative companies are given membership. However, since the supply-demand balance in the market is observed; the number of members who produce the same product, which will constitute a compelling competition, is tried to be prevented. In Barter Market, it is essential to make purchases and sales at real prices.

Is a Reliable Market

Basically, every company has the right to become a member of the Barter System without any market and sector restrictions. However, only the companies approved by Barter Company become members. Only trusted companies which are checked in detail are made members in the Barter Market. For each firm applying for membership, “firm research” is done.

Provides Fast Shopping

The confidence environment provided by the Barter Market reduces the time allocated to research activity at the time of purchase and ensures that the needs are eliminated quickly without losing time.