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A company that joins the Avrasya Barter System accepts;

1. It has decided to become a member on its own. It has received information from Avrasya Barter System Consultants to sign the Membership Agreement; however, Avrasya Barter has not met commitments other than the General Membership Agreement; it has not been influenced by third parties. Avrasya Barter has decided to become a member to conduct the Barter transactions in accordance with the General Membership Agreement and Barter Commercial Code of Conduct.

2. Entering into the Barter Market is not meant to meet all of its needs with the Barter System or to sell its products with the Barter System. Members present their products to the Barter Market; they buy the products they see fit in Barter Market. Only the members themselves decide what they will sell and what they will buy.

3. A company may offer all of the products that it sells to the Barter Market, but not some of them. It may even completely withdraw its supply for a temporary period. In any case, the Avrasya Barter Transaction Center or Broker informs the Broker in writing. The member company cannot make any changes regarding the supply list without giving any information to Avrasya Barter, cannot reject the requests, cannot offer high price, late delivery or defective goods for the sale not to be realized.

4. The price in the Barter Market is determined by mutual consultation between the buyer and the seller. It is essential that the cash price is valid in Barter transactions. Avrasya Barter does not intervene in the price realized in Barter transactions, but considers it to be the appropriate price in the market. Reasonable price is the normal sales price of the product which can be identified as the the list price as well. Special discounts, spot market prices cannot be applied as the base price in the Barter Market. Member firms cannot explicitly claim high prices to their products in a certain way, buyer companies cannot make a Barter transaction knowing that the price is high. In the case of a high-priced Barter transaction, the buyer who agrees with the price as much as the seller is equally inaccurate. Sellers may not add commission rates of Avrasya Barter from Barter transactions in the product price; may not claim against their customers that their price is higher due to Avrasya Barter commission.

5. Firms may only buy Barter Market products introduced with Barter System. For this reason, it is their own right to learn the goods and services in the system while you are a member or when you are a member. It should also be noted that a member company may not exhibit all products produced or sold to the Barter Market. Avrasya Barter is not responsible for the victimization of member firms (if any), as a result of the transactions carried out by with unverified information, guessing and assuming. Avoiding such behavior is strongly recommended to members.

6. The Barter Market is a large family of companies. It is essential that members in this family have strong ethical values. Avrasya Barterdoes not tolerate any kind of behavior, even if it is true, of a member to gossip about another member, to speak of his or her evil, to speak up for mistakes, to speak out mistakes. Members who face such situations report the situation to the Avrasya BarterHeadquarters in writing and ask for measures to be taken.

7. Avrasya Barter discusses the problems faced by the member firms in the Barter Market at the Barter Trade Board elected by the Board of Directors of Avrasya Barter. The words and behaviors of the member companies regarding the complaints are examined by taking into consideration the Avrasya Barter General Membership Agreement and Barter Commercial Code of Conduct and the decisions taken are notified to the parties in writing. It will be possible to discuss the complaint and the subject of the complaint in the Barter Commercial Ethics Committee only if the complaint is made in writing, the complaint subject is investigated and it is confirmed.