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Legislation Is A Must For Barter! ..

We made an interview with Avrasya Barter CEO Murat Doğanay, who aims to offer reliable new market points and cash savings, and the opportunities and advantages of the Barter System to organizations seeking alternatives to expensive money and credit costs. Barter “is the system of payment of goods and services purchased with the goods and services produced.” Murat Doğanay, who organizes Barter System in Turkey, has provided extraordinary solutions to its members by increasing the collection guaranteed sales actions, making use of the idle capacity, financing, and crises minimizing the loss happened at crises.

Questions of Futurist News were replied by Mr Doğanay.  “What is the size of the barter market in Turkey?” Avrasya Barter CEO Doganay answered: “From textile to construction, from real estate to tourism, from media to automotive, it is a deep and wide market which is formed by medium and large scale member companies. From Luxury Villas to TV Advertising, from Catering to Hospital Service, from Printing to Car Rental, from Shoes to Tea, from Glasses to Books, from Marble to Construction Paint, from Detergent to Curtain, from Vacuum Cleaner to Photocopy Machine, from Trousers to English Course, from Hotel Accommodation to Hotel, From Furniture to Staff Transportation, From Lubricant to Computer, from Wrist Watch to Camera, from Cordless Phone to Table, from Restaurant to Sport Equipment, from the Concert of Famous Artists to the Paintings of Famous Artists, many varieties and quantities of goods and services are exchanged. In addition to corporate memberships, Murat Doğanay said that they grew up with new members and products added to his portfolio every day by making individual memberships, and the last words of him were remarkable: “It is important to pay close attention to working with Barter companies. Recently, even firms that cut a barter check of $ 30 million at one time. Those who do not work with the barter firms who plan their future with the conscious forward-looking futurist point of view, will be unfortunately hurt. In order not to be badly damaged, legislation is a must! “